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Rob is a Comedian, Best Selling Author and Cancer Survivor. He has captivated live and virtual audiences across North America.
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Robert Hawke creates engaging and hilarious virtual presentations that are jam packed with valuable resources for our Post Pandemic world. He helps professionals create positive mental health strategies that improve their work and lives immediately. He has uplifted, entertained and inspired hundreds of audiences across North America at conferences, corporate events and virtually.
Rob worked for years as a comedian and honed his storytelling and comedic skills while working for The Second City Comedy Troupe in Toronto and internationally. He has shared in a Canadian Comedy Award and Gemini Award Nomination for Best Writing in a Comedy Series. Things were going great!

Why on earth did he become a speaker?

Rob was committed to a life on the stage when he was struck with cancer. After receiving his diagnosis, his whole world changed. He suffered through depression, isolation and anxiety during and after his treatment. Quite frankly, his life was in danger.
He needed to find resilience and improve his mental health or things would not end well. Fortunately, he found tools that helped save his life.
After he recovered, he was driven to help other people in desperate need of resilience. He used all of his comedic and entertainment skills to create content for people going through cancer and their families.
As a wellness educator for cancer patients at University Health Network Rob was thrilled when people in crises found hope, and inspiration in his work.
His hilarious and impactful events were developed for groups like The Ontario Hospital Association, The University of Toronto Medical School and The Canadian Mental Health Association, to name a few.
His ability to create and perform hilarious and useful content lead to working with professional groups as diverse as pharmacists, land surveyors, nurses, physicians, mental health professionals, and financial planners.
Flash forward to now…
It all starts with comedy! Robert took all of his skills from thousands of performances and uses them to create riveting virtual keynote presentations that will keep your group engaged and offer them immediately usable tips and tools to develop positive mental health strategies and build resilience in these ridiculous times. Rob throws everything he has at these events and uses audience participation, comedy and story telling to deliver a message of resilience, hope and inspiration.
Rob’s work is always useful and entertaining. In this post pandemic world, where literally everyone has suffered mental health challenges, Rob’s content is perfect for helping groups to heal, build resilience and help make our world better than it was before.
Rob is known for writing the books Kicking Cancer’s Ass: A Lighthearted Guide To The Fight Of Your Life and Doing Happiness: Uncovering The Hidden Benefits Of Feeling Good. He is currently working on Feel Good First. He lives in Peterborough with his terrific wife and ridiculously small dog.

Programs By Robert Hawke

What would you do if your life was turned upside-down and completely out of your control? This is exactly what happened to Robert Hawke.

As a pre pandemic actor/comedian , voice over star & speaker Robert Hawke’s life was turned upside down with a diagnosis of late stage cancer. Instead of hiding away, he chose to do something both brave and extraordinary. He journalled all of his experiences and immediately delivered workshops to patients on how to Kick Cancer’s Ass.
Today this program has been transformed to create a life changing, inspiring and resource packed virtual event called Feel Good First: Building Resilience In Ridiculous Times. In this high impact zoom event your team will laugh while they learn, de-stress and collaborate to increase their individual and organizational resilience- All while they have a great time!

Robert had to learn these life-saving resilience techniques required to help him FAST. For this he credits his years of performing international comedy with the world famous Second City Comedy Troupe.

After Robert went through life-saving surgery. He took the bold step of journaling his emotional roller-coaster ride through the entire Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to recovery process. Thanks to that experience Robert improv tested all of his insights and actions with thousands of people to help them overcome anger, depression and anxiety.
Feel Good First: Building Resilience in Ridiculous Times is your opportunity to enjoy breaking through post pandemic anxiety, isolation and depression by using forgiving humor to massively reduce stress, improve mental health and increase resilience.
Zoom – Peace of Mind
‘Feel Good First’ has been eminently designed for all types of virtual, hybrid and pre-recorded keynotes & sessions that fit your vision.
Zoom – Audience Engagement
Robert is a unique comedic talent who has entertained audiences across North America and internationally. Now, he takes all of his stage and broadcast experience, to create a hilarious, engaging and useful virtual presentation that will help your team immediately.

Key Learning Outcomes
1: How “Feeling Good First” empowers your mental health.
2: Leverage laughter
3: Stepping Stones . . . . one day at a time
4: The Power of Purpose
5. The ‘great’ in Gratitude
6. Comedy as your Secret Weapon
7. Destressing the ‘now’
8: The power of “Yes and”

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You Are All Heroes- A Hilarious Musical Tribute to our front Line Workers
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Books By Robert Hawke

Doing Happiness: Uncovering The Hidden Benefits of Feeling good

"Doing Happiness: Uncovering The Hidden Benefits of Feeling Good" reveals the simple but profound techniques that are scientifically proven to help you be happier everyday. You'll also learn how "Doing Happiness" will make your work easier, improve your health and enrich your relationships.
Doing Happiness can help you:
Find ways to be happier now.
Use happiness as a way to improve productivity.
Develop a happiness blueprint to build good feelings into your life.
Use your body to create happiness from the "outside in".
Learn how being happy helps those you care about the most.

Kicking Cancer's Ass: A Light Hearted Guide to the Fight of Your Life

In this funny, inspirational and practical book, Robert Hawke tells the story of how he was diagnosed with cancer, suffered isolation, financial hardship and depression. After struggling with the medical system, Robert found hope, healing and the resilience to rebuild his life using simple and profound resilience techniques. Rob shares valuable strategies, hope and humour for cancer survivors and their care givers. This book is written for anyone going through cancer.

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