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Today’s world is incredibly complex, and what most people do is over-complicate things. The secret to navigating complexity is finding the simple pressure points that change everything, and Ravi mastered that in his first career as a nuclear physicist.

For the last 3 decades he’s used this ‘lens’ to find the simple leverage points to transform organizations and individuals – and to help them transform themselves. When he says it’s not rocket science, you can believe him – he IS a rocket scientist.

Ravi is the Chief Rocket Scientist for Chrysalis Strategies and the author of ‘Leading Authentically’ and ‘StressCosts Stress-Cures’. Whether he is growing co-creative leadership to transform the health care system, helping the largest liquid natural gas company in the Middle East grow its leadership, or helping entrepreneurs develop strategies to address today’s fast-changing world, Ravi helps leaders navigate the complex challenges they face today.

On top of this, Ravi is a master facilitator, with the ability to engage all they key players in the meaningful conversations they need to have to collectively co-create the way forward. Because the ideas he catalyzes originate within his clients, team buy-in and ownership result in innovative solutions that work. He has a solid track record of results both working within organizations and from the outside as a consultant, coach and facilitator.

Ravi has earned the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation, the highest earned designation for the speaking industry and he was the 2011 national president of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS) and chair of CAPS’ two most profitable and successful national conventions. Ravi has an M.Sc. in nuclear physics and an M.B.A.

Contact Ravi to discover how he can help you find the simple leverage points to transform your workplace – and the rest of your life.

Programs By Ravi Tangri, CSP CVP

Business has hit the perfect storm. We’re coming out of the pandemic with all its stresses and working from home and in hybrid offices. On top of that we’re moving into the biggest labour crisis in history as the baby boomers move into retirement, and the younger generation has different demands and expectations. On top of all of this, change is coming at us faster and faster. In this world, a new form of leadership is evolving – co-creative leadership, where you engage all the key players to co-create the way forward, building in buy-in and commitment. Ravi Tangri is an expert in co-creative leadership and he shows you how to think outside the boss and chart your way forward in this challenging new world. Participants will leave this session understanding: – Why the ‘old’ rules of leadership simply don’t work any more – The secret to engaging and focusing the younger generations – How to build buy-in and commitment from all of your key players – The key to finding your way through uncertain times
Change is the way of the world today. There’s nowhere you can hide from it, so how do you deal with it? How do you support your team through change? And how do you find the support you need as a leader? With over a quarter century of change leadership, Ravi Tangri lays out the journey of change and what people need at each stage to support themselves. Equally important – and often overlooked – is how you get the support you need for yourself through this journey. Participants will learn: – The five stages of change everyone goes through – What your team and your friends need from you for support in each of these stages – How to identify where you are on the change journey – and how to reach out to get the support you need – The secret to replenishing and re-invigorating everyone that almost everyone misses
Too many organizations and people are concerned with what they do. And as times get more challenging they focus on more ‘what’ – new strategies, new org charts and new products/services for organizations, and new goals, new accomplishments and new possessions for individuals. And then they have to work incredibly hard to motivate themselves to do all these things. In contrast, high performing organizations and individuals don’t start with ‘what’ they do. They start with ‘why’ – their higher purpose. That’s where motivation starts and, when working with organizations and groups of people, where buy-in and commitment comes from others. Instead of working to motivate yourself to realize your goals, you start with what motivates you and then sculpt your goals and your vision from that so your motivation is built-in. That’s the power of purpose that enables you to boldly go. You will learn: – Why purpose is the lever to higher results personally and professionally – What ‘purpose’ really means – How to avoid ‘vision-speak’ and ‘mission-speak’ and express purpose in plain, simple English – The stepping stones to creating lasting results, from purpose to vision
Consider these questions: 1) How often have you been in a meeting and wondered why you were there because it wasn’t relevant to you? How often do the people in your organization experience this? 2) How valuable are the “coffee table” meetings at conferences where you meet with colleagues and dive into topics that are most important for you? Imagine if the whole conference was made up of these informal coffee table meetings – what could be accomplished? An Un-Conference or Open Space meeting (either in-person or online) allows your members to call meetings on the topics they most want to focus on – either to learn how to move forward or to share what they’ve already learned. The conference agenda is set by what is most important to your people. It turns the rich coffee conversations at a conference INTO the conference. Instead of setting an agenda and workshops, your members will shape the agenda and go to those meetings that are most relevant to them. They will then attend the meetings for which they have the most energy – where they have the most to learn or the most to share. These meetings will enable your attendees to move from ideas to action, with clearly delineated next steps. You can see how such an open space meeting worked for the Red Cross Disaster Management Conference at this link: https://vimeo.com/52437422 Attendees wanted an opportunity to tap into the expertise in the room. To do this, we used another process (World Café) in the morning to prime the pump, then used open space technology to allow attendees to call meetings on the most relevant topics to them – and this led into a year-long process of implementation that we supported.
Real conversations don’t happen with tens or hundreds of people in a room or video meeting – or with 10 people around a banquet table or video meeting. They happen with a handful of people around the water cooler or coffee table, where everyone is actively engaged in the conversation. World Cafe conversations (either in-person or online) leverage these intimate conversations to engage your entire organization/ community, whether you have 12 o 1200, in a series of conversations where everyone is actively involved and engaged. You can bring a room of hundreds of people to consensus within a couple of hours, or shape the essence of a strategic plan that requires the buy-in of multiple players, as you can see in this video: https://vimeo.com/showcase/3944862/video/51939776

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Un-Conference for the Canadian Red Cross Disaster Management Conference
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