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Empowering Teams, Embracing Diversity, Envisioning the AI-First Future
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Ready to take your next event up a notch? Bring in Najeeb Khan, the cool Head of Events at Teamland, to light up the stage. He’s all about boosting fun, creating a sense of belonging, and pushing teams to hit peak performance. Dive deep with him into a chat about AI, Diversity, and Team Culture. He’s got the lowdown on how artificial intelligence is shaking things up, making teams more diverse and strengthening organizational culture.

Najeeb’s not just talk. He’s worked with everyone from fresh startups to big-time Fortune 500 companies and penned the book “Fluid: How Culture, Hidden Opportunities, and Flatter Structures Lead to Profitable Innovation.” He’s got a treasure trove of real-deal strategies for using AI and diversity to spark innovation and up those profits. He’s rocked the stage at TEDx, Schulich School of Business, and more, leaving folks fired up and ready to tackle the modern workplace. Don’t miss out! Book Najeeb for your next event and get set for a journey to awesome team culture and killer innovation.

Programs By Najeeb Khan

In the engaging presentation by Najeeb Khan titled “AI First – Rethinking Business Strategies for Survival and Competitive Advantage,” participants will set off on an insightful expedition into the AI universe and its game-changing influence on business strategies. Khan will highlight the paramount significance of embracing an AI-First mindset for businesses striving to cement their position in the future market. He will present an exhaustive overview of the AI-First strategy, sharing tangible examples of triumphant transitions and their substantial effects on business operations and results. This talk aims to illuminate the pressing need for this paradigm shift, offering practical guidance to navigate potential hurdles and ensuring a seamless and efficient shift. This session guarantees a thorough and organized roadmap for businesses poised to adopt an AI-First strategy, ensuring they are armed with the essential knowledge and apparatus for a triumphant rollout. Participants will acquire a profound grasp of the crucial components involved in this shift, encompassing technological, organizational, and cultural facets. Through in-depth case studies, Khan will scrutinize the strategies utilized by certain companies that have excelled in adopting an AI-First approach, delivering invaluable lessons and insights for other enterprises on a similar trajectory. The event will wrap up with an interactive Q&A segment, granting participants a rare chance to engage directly with Khan, addressing questions and uncertainties related to AI-First strategies and their execution.
In the groundbreaking talk, “DEI and Belonging in the Modern Workplace,” esteemed speaker Najeeb Khan shines a light on the journey to crafting more inclusive and fair work settings. He explores the essential role of embedding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) into the heart of organizational culture, emphasizing the importance of nurturing a sense of belonging among all team members. Khan provides an insightful overview of the current state of DEI in the corporate realm, offering a transparent look at existing disparities and the urgent need for thorough and practical change. He showcases compelling data to underline the direct link between DEI, employee contentment, and overall business triumph. In the latter half of his presentation, Khan meticulously demystifies the notion of belonging, clarifying its critical position in establishing a workplace where everyone feels authentically valued, seen, and included. He shares practical and implementable strategies for organizations to guarantee a solid culture of belonging, ensuring every employee feels inherently linked and appreciated. Khan also delves into the imperative for businesses to reassess their conventional frameworks, incorporating DEI principles to fuel innovation, allure a diverse workforce, and more adeptly satisfy the requirements of a worldwide clientele. Participants will exit the talk armed with a thorough understanding and a clear pathway to augment DEI and belonging within their entities, setting their firms on a course for enduring success in a varied and vibrant global marketplace.
In Najeeb Khan’s engaging talk on the art of crafting high-performance teams, participants will set sail on an exploration into the intricate world of team dynamics and organizational triumph. With his deep-seated experience, Khan unfolds a detailed roadmap for not only attracting and building but also retaining top-tier teams that are the engines of innovation and uplift a company’s market position. He initiates the discussion by shedding light on the pivotal role that high-performance teams play in amplifying a company’s growth and innovative capabilities, underscoring their direct influence on profitability and market esteem. The presentation emphasizes the crucial task of hiring the right individuals and nurturing a diverse and inclusive ambiance that augments creativity and problem-solving skills. Progressing further, Khan dives into the essential elements of ongoing training and development, championing customized programs to enhance both technical and soft skills within the team. He underscores the significance of team-building activities in boosting unity, collaboration, and conflict resolution, assuring a peaceful and efficient work setting. The talk also navigates through effective retention strategies, centering on transparent career progression routes and the vital aspect of acknowledging and rewarding employees’ efforts. Wrapping up his talk, Khan outlines how sturdy and high-performing teams are pillars for enduring organizational success, empowering companies to overshadow their rivals in the marketplace. Participants will depart armed with tangible insights and tactics to nurture and maintain high-performance teams, leading to augmented productivity and organizational expansion.

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Books By Najeeb Khan

Fluid: How Culture, Hidden Opportunities, and Flatter Structures Lead to Profitable Innovation

In ten years, half of the S&P 500 companies will be extinct. Forget the old rules of competition. There are new hidden competitors that come from nowhere to take over your market. They can be external or within your company. This book explores the past, present, and future of innovation. Discover how the Mongol Dynasty innovated to create one of the largest empires in the world to how to take the best elements of startups today to thrive and win the future. Fluid will help you lead your business through the opportunities and dangers of a dynamic economy. THIS ACTIONABLE BOOK SHOWS YOU: - How to create a culture of innovation within your company, whether it has twelve or 1,292 employees (pg 104) - How to get a profitable return on innovation and know when to kill a project when investing $19.5 million (pg 241) - How to identify hidden competitors outside and within your company and how to become one (pg 32) - How a toy company was able to align innovation with strategy to generate $5.2 billion (pg 198) - How to overcome resistance to change and get buy-in from leaders to create a new business unit in a large enterprise (pg 120) - How to change when you have no time by leveraging the ecosystem inside and outside your organization to grow (pg 226) - How a company creates rewards and supports the ideas of the organization by celebrating failures (pg 149) - How using latest technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain to grow your organization securely (pg 246) “Neither Redbox nor Netflix are even on the radar screen in terms of competition.” - Jim Keyes, Blockbuster CEO in 2008 “Our guests don’t want the Airbnb feel and scent.” - Christopher Norton, EVP of global product and operations of Four Seasons in 2014

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