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Fun is NOT frivolous.

You can take it from Joel, because he’s a fun expert. Seriously.

An engineer by training, educator by calling, and performer by passion, Joel has become one of the world’s experts on experience design (XD) and the productive value of fun.

As the CEO & Executive Producer of Beanstalk Creative, Joel is a sought-after keynote speaker, the author of 3 books, and an advocate for stuff that’s not boring. Joel also teaches engineering at McMaster University, where named one of the Top 150+ Alumni. Fun fact: Pending verification, Joel holds 2 world records for backward joggling (that’s right… juggling whilst jogging… backwards).

Programs By Joel Hilchey – Experience Designer

YOU know you offer something great, but your future members need to be convinced, and inertia is not on your side. In an age of busy, investment in membership may sound like “just another to-do”. So how do you convince those already-overloaded, in-demand people to join your community? Providing value is necessary but not sufficient. Information on ROI won’t change minds. Cutting through the noise requires something more visceral: Experiences. By refining the way your existing and potential members experience what you have to offer, you can create loyal fans and vibrant community. Get ready for an eye-opening experience…

Books By Joel Hilchey – Experience Designer

Brainsprouting - How to Become Fearlessly Creative & Have Better Ideas More Often

Learn how to unlock your hidden creative talents, transform any space to maximize creative output, and discover a dozen simple, powerful tools to spark better ideas. Subtle forms of judgement are blocking your creative flow, but this book will help you open the floodgates. “Fascinating, funny, and profoundly practical. Highly recommended!” – Drew Dudley, Founder, Day One Leadership

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