Welcome to the first Motivational Conference Speakers Cooperative.

Motivational Conference Speakers is an exclusive cooperative of 25 elite, in-demand, diverse Speakers – ranging from $5k to $60k per keynote.

Our Speakers work directly with clients to create an experience that will overwow audiences, and are open to reasonable negotiation on their speaking fees.

Each of our speakers post-pandemic friendly, meaning that they are ready to be broadcast into meetings anywhere in the world via two way interactive video at a lower cost than their in-person rate.

Each of our speakers is absolutely committed the client satisfaction and will be removed from our cooperative if our high standards aren’t upheld.

If you’re a leading speaker and would like to be considered for our cooperative, get more info by filling in the form: 

We are a private invite one-stop-shop exclusively listing no more than 25 best-of-the-best conference speakers.

We don’t charge commissions. Instead, we increase your exposure as an amazing speaker. All of our speakers are web enabled to receive private & direct meeting planner one-click contact.

The success of best conference speakers relies on carefully curating top performing talent from all of our maximum of 25 speakers. As a result, our founder is always seeking out top performing speakers offering that magic balance of world-class content and the innate capability to consistently deliver unforgettable bounce-back-better performances.

We obsessively vet all post pandemic speakers by Google, YouTube, a clean social media record and raving fan client references. Proven online, hybrid and live events experience is an absolute must. 

1. Easy for meeting planners to work with
2. Responds same-day to our direct meeting planner requests
3. Speakers who innately purposed to customize & care
4. 2 to 4 years experience
5. Average number of annual engagements
6. Priority given to NSA, CAPS affiliation